1. The best by date has long expired, should I still consume your product?

    All of our products are stamped with a best by date which refers to the time frame in which we recommend you consume our products. However should this time frame come to pass, you may still consume our products given physical quality and sensory quality.

  2. How should I store my products?

    In general, all of our products should be treated like food and if possible stored in the refrigerator. However, should refrigeration not be an option, store in a  Cool, dry environment. 

  3. What are your company’s quality control standards?

    At Ramedicare, we’ve adhered to a standard of excellence and quality for nearly 30 years. Our premium raw ingredients are imported from all over the world and meet the GMP Standards.

  4. Do your supplements contain any synthetic materials?

    No, all of our ingredients are natural with the exception of permitted food grade preservatives in Metta.

  5. Some of your products are expensive, do you have any online offers?

    By opting into our bundle packs you’ll save 20% on some of your favourite Ramedicare products. Our bundle packs are shipped out on a monthly basis so you’re always stocked up and supplied! We also offer a 10% commission with our Affiliate Program – the more you share, the more you earn!

  6. Should I consult my doctor first?

    Our products are safe and effective for daily use and can be taken at your own discretion. For extreme diseases and illnesses it is advisable to consult with a doctor before consumption.

  7. Are your products safe for children?

    All of our products are safe for children to consume. For Pain Relief products, ages 12 and up. For ages 2-12, kindly check with your health care professional before use.

  8. Can you tell me which stores carry your products?

    Our products are not available in any stores but are delivered right to your door!

  9. With the recent COVID 19 pandemic my health has suffered. What products would you recommend to help boost my immune system?

    Great question! We recommend starting with our Back to Basics Bundle Pack in order to build and maintain a robust immune system.

  10. I still haven’t received my order, what should I do?

    After each successful order you should receive a confirmation email, complete with a tracking number. In general orders within Peninsular Malaysia (via CityLink) take 5 days and international shipments (via DHL or USPS) take 5-10 days. If your order has yet to reach you, kindly check the tracking number sent in your confirmation email so that you are able to track your shipment through the postal/courier system. Should your delivery date pass and you have yet to receive your shipment kindly contact us here.