Did You Know?

Maintaining strong, healthy muscles as we age is incredibly important! The health benefits are endless. It strengthens the bones and helps to reduce or even manage osteoporosis, reduces arthritic pain, rehabs existing injuries and prevent future ones. It helps to lower blood pressure, lose body fat, burn more calories, reduce stress, improve your mental state, memory, cognitive function and your heart will be healthier!

In short – it improves the quality of life.

Our line up of strengthening products will not only give you the boost you need; they double as detoxing, anti-ageing antioxidants! Get more energy with Metta, strengthen the muscles and bones while increasing joint flexibility with Pure Collagen and increase red blood cells with Liquid Chlorophyll + Aloe Vera & Cactus.




METTA is an invigorating herbal health tonic that’s rich in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

  • Restore strength, stamina and energy
  • Keep the cardiovascular system in good health
  • Improve appetite


Pure Collagen


The ultimate anti-ageing supplement for youthful skin, strong, healthy bones and muscles, and joint flexibility.

  • Decrease the signs of aging
  • Rebuild cartilage
  • Strengthen bones, muscles and joint flexibility


Organic Spirulina


With a 50-70% protein protein content, Organic Spirulina is THE highest percentage of protein by weight of ANY food on Earth. It’s also a whole food source high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

  • Promotea cellular health
  • Vitamins A, B complex, C and E
  • 100% alkaline