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Imagine creating a line of top-notch natural health care products that you’re proud to call your own, with your unique packaging, your brand, your logo. And the best part? We take the guesswork out of creating / sourcing products that you can trust; our time-tested formulations have been selling successfully under our label and countless others worldwide for nearly two decades. All of the hard work is done. The fun part? That’s up to you!

  • Creating Brand Loyalty: Private Labelling allows you to create your own unique image. This gives you a marketing identity which in turn promotes customer recognition and loyalty.

  • Custom Packaging : Your product, from A-Z, is custom tailored to meet YOUR specifications. You have complete control over your product name & description, label design including colours, graphics, logo, contact information, etc. The sky’s the limit!

  • Complete Control: With private labelling, you have more control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution channels. You don’t have to worry about being undercut. It’s your product, your label, YOU make the rules.

  • Exclusivity: Your private label products are only available from the retailers you supply, or only you – as the case may be. Whether a physical or online store, this means customers will not find your product in a megastore for a discounted price, nor will they find your product on a random site online. Remember, you set the rules.

We Will Partner With You To Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction.

Ramedicare provides private label contract manufacturing and packing services to a diverse group of distributors and retailers in the natural and herbal health industry. This includes specialty food retailers, mass-market stores, multi-level marketers, catalogue marketers, retail distributors, direct mail sellers, infomercial marketers, and e-commerce sites. Contact us today if you’re interested in partnering with us!

Detox & Cleanse

Solo Tea






Organic Spirulina


Detox & Cleanse

Metta + Chlorophyll

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Detox & Cleanse




Pure Collagen